Sunday, June 19, 2011


Here in South Africa we still have - in a few protected places - wonderful wildlife. In this shot, impala, which are abundant and sable antelope, which are not. These beautiful creatures are now endangered, largely by trophy hunters, and are now protected by law. As are rhinos, now under sever threat, mostly as a result of the Chinese men who believe that powdered rhino-horn is better than Viagra and will pay top dollar for it. (Actually, it has no such qualities but is of much the same composition as fingernails or hooves but it is amazing how gullible some people can be.)

Earlier this year, Raoul du Toit, pictured here (I hasten to add that for the first time on the Aurora Daily this is not my picture but part of a press release) was awarded the Goldman prize for conservation. He is a remarkable man who works in Zimbabwe under the most difficult conditions to conserve rhinos. If you want to know more go to


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Leif Hagen said...

Wonderful game photos from the outback! Someday I'll get to see the wild animals of Africa..... elephants, lions, rhinos, giraffes, oh my!

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