Friday, September 4, 2009

Please, please, don't eat the daisies

Actually there is a good reason for this sign, at a bay-side restaurant, but you have to experience the problem directly to understand the concern of the management. In my case, it was made clear by a pair of Cape Robins, a pair of Masked Weavers, some Olive Thrushes and a Francolin or two. These birds all decided to invade my stoep and kitchen for handouts, and would sit on the edge of our circular patio table, waiting for a chance to get in unobserved. "How nice" I thought at first.

But it gets tedious, cleaning up a circular patch of bird droppings, daily.

I wonder, if I put up a sign like this, would the birds read it?
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M.Lane said...

Yes they would. But birds are eternal optimists and would hang out at the table anyway!


M.Lane said...
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pranksygang said...

ha ha ha:) you better teach them our language .. then they might understand!

Anonymous said...
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