Wednesday, September 3, 2008


We had the worst storm conditions for may years, over the weekend, and there is still snow on the mountains at Ceres, only about 30 km away, (they even had to close the road through the mountain pass for a couple of days) but the weather here today was hot and sunny!

It snows only on a couple of mountains in SA, and only once or twice in a year - and we snow-deprived South Africans promptly rush off to gather a couple of snowballs or try to ski... (Some years back in Canada with the temperature at 20 below I experienced my first real snow, a metre deep, and was enchanted - so I didn't join the local snow-rush!)


Lachezar said...

Wow, this is a sight1 Driving through Ceres countryside back in 2003, I stopped briefly just to step out of the car and experience just how a 40 degree heat feels on the flesh! Now there are snow covered mountain picks! Great sight, great catch! Cheers Shelagh!

D.C. Confidential said...

What a beautiful picture! Is this South Africa's final gasp at winter as you start to move into spring?