Thursday, September 4, 2008

Approaching Aurora

This photo shows about three-quarters of Aurora. It is a seriously small village; living here is a privilege. The storms have passed and the weather is glorious, clear and sunny and not yet hot (when the temperature hits 45 degrees I am not quite as enthusiastic.) And the flowers will be with us for a couple of months.


Lachezar said...

There's something very special about this view. Once you've seen it you can't forget it anymore it stays etched in your memory forever! You've done it again! Cheers Shelagh!

Sharon said...

I love the look of this littel village on the horizon. Very pleasing to look at.

Dina said...

What a beautiful place.

Beth said...

It's lovely.

Greetings from Hollywood, CA. I really enjoy your site Shelagh! I found it via lachezar's (I love New Zealand so always I visit the NZ dailies). Aurora is such a beautiful looking place. I loved your posts on your trip to the Kruger and the spring wildflowers. It's turning autumn here in the states so it's lovely seeing spring come to NZ and SA.

Beth from California.