Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Yes I've been away from home a long time - a small operation and recuperation, celebrating my 81st birthday, and for the last couple of weeks entertaining a visitor from Germany, together with a very dear old friend from Pretoria. But what I didn't expect to find when I returned was a temperamental refrigerator that had decided to encase everything in ice, including an unwary pound of butter. This was the third time it had let me down so I had no option but to buy a new one. Now I have to work on a few more projects, to help me pay all the bills...
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Leif Hagen said...

Welcome back, Shelagh! Thanks for you comment on my blog today - fun to hear from you again.
Auf wiedersehen

Sharon said...

Welcome back and happy birthday! When I first opened this up I thought this was some strange art installment. Instead, it's a strange refrigerator. I bet you will like the new one.