Monday, August 9, 2010

Door to an attic

Aurora and its neighbouring village, Redelinghuys, have a fair share of old buildings built without finesse but with great practicality. This beaten-up old door probably hasn't seen any maintenance for the last 50 years, but still provides effective access to a huge attic space. Many of the old houses are being bought, and renovated, by those who want to retreat from city life at weekends to enjoy the peace and quietness of country living. Ironically, this gradually changes the character of the villages through the introduction of city ways.
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Gunn said...

I like the composition, shapes and colors in this photo! Nice! :)

Marie said...

Nice "story" and great photo. I like the shades and the composition. Really great.

Tracy said...

I like this photo, at first I thought there was no way to the door!