Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Masked predator

The body language is gentle and appealing - wouldn't this vervet monkey make a cuddly pet? - but under the mask is a sharp and menacing set of canines that can do real damage to an adversary, even if all you are doing is refusing to hand over your picnic lunch.

We disposed of our banana peels in a "monkey-proof" bin on the site, and then watched as this large male, within 10 minutes, managed to work out the hindrances set in the way, open the lid and recover the peels, so that he could skim the insides of the peels for traces of banana pulp.
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Emm said...

Those monkeys freak me out! I remember waking up at Sabi Sabi once to find one sitting between us on the twin beds eating chips. I was quite rightly terrified. I love all monkeys and always have but as you say, vervets are notoriously bold and vicious.

Very nice photo.