Saturday, June 20, 2009

The simple lifestyle

This development, Langezandt, at Struisbaai, markets a simple and peaceful lifestyle and controls both buildings and layout to ensure that their character reflects this. Judging by the popularity of the project, this simplicity is much sought after by city dwellers under perpetual pressure. Some of the owners come from aas far afield as Zambia, Ireland, England and Belgium but most are from South African cities. They have as a key characteristic a very compact and almost Spartan layout, based on the typical homes of the fisher folk of days gone by.
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Field of View said...

Nice photo !

Hilda said...

I like how they have big front yards. The ones in Manila's suburbs, the house occupies the entire lot — almost no room even for a tiny garden.

Lachezar said...

As for the good stuff, well less is always more. I always liked the simplicity and beauty of the "Cape" architecture! Cheers Shelagh!

iola said...

I love these. It would be great to see what they look like on the inside. You can breathe in a place like this..

Anonymous said...





Sue said...

i love this!!!



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