Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Birds-eye view

Aurora - the village seen from 500ft and from 4,000 ft. The microlight gives a fascinating viewpoint. I wonder whether the pair of black eagles from the neighbouring mountain sometimes watch us from this point.


Hilda said...

Oh, Shelagh, I am so envious that you can fly with the birds! My heart is aching with the desire to be able to do this. You are so lucky! Thank you for sharing with us these wonderful pictures!

lachezar said...

You don't cease to amaze! That's fantastic that you actually flew that tiny thing! Great aerial of Aurora too. I have to say it again: Good on you Shelagh! Cheers!

Shelagh said...

I am indeed lucky - our village has many very kind people, and they share their good fortune (and their microlights, and aeroplanes and home-made jam and cookies and knitted stuff) with others. This is the joy of not living in a city!

Shelagh said...

Oh and by the way - I didn't actually fly the microlight - I was simply a passenger!

Anonymous said...