Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bucket and broom

It was a lovely weekend for sailing - warm, sunny, a stiff breeze, and a huge bay to explore (at Saldanha, where "Elegance" is presently moored.) We got to the yacht club to find that one of the bigger boats had during a wild storm on Wednesday broken its moorings and landed on the rocks - after damaging 5 other boats and partly demolishing the jetty, en route.
During the storm the gulls had taken refuge on "Elegance" and left behind a layer of guano so we spent Saturday morning once more scrubbing the deck. Late afternoon we headed South and anchored near the Nature Reserve at the Southern end of the bay - so peaceful! We sailed back this morning and spent the whole afternoon devising extended bird nets to keep the gulls and cormorants at bay. Who wants to spend their sailing time scrubbing...????