Sunday, October 19, 2008

More sailing basics

No, they are not fishing nets but anti-cormorant shade-nets that we will sling over the boom while we are away from the boat, to reduce the amount of deck-scrubbing and give us more time to actually sail.
And I suppose you have guessed why there was no post yesterday and two today!


Webradio said...

Who is on the photo ???

Anonymous said...

It sure fooled me. I thought it was some kind of net.

Sharon said...

So, you were out to sea over the weekend? Did you have a nice time?

lachezar said...

The weekend is here and its a long one this week - Labour - weekend so I can now enjoy your images and write a line .. or two.. and must say that you look good on this one, hopefully sailing will be more than mending in the near future.. Cheers Shelagh!

Solange Belém said...

Dear friend,
you are very nice.
Beautifull blog!

Friendship and hugs


Anonymous said...