Sunday, September 21, 2008

Roadside Purple

It's the turn of the purple flowers - beautiful to see whole hillsides with a lavender tinge - but soon, with them, will come 3 weeks' worth of "stinkluise", swarms of small black flying and biting creatures with a "stinkbug" smell. These will be closely followed by midges for a couple of weeks, and enough horseflies to be a nuisance. We cover up against them with long sleeves and slacks, and remind ourselves that even Paradise must have some snags. These, and the seriously hot patches from January to March are Aurora's only real downsides. And being in touch with nature, more than is possible in any city, fully compensates!


Webradio said...

Bonjour Shelagh !
C'est bien d'habiter loin des villes...
La nature est belles et Ta lavande vraiment jolie.
A plus tard.
Shelagh Hello !
It's good to live far from towns...
Nature is beautiful and Your lavender really pretty.
See you later.

Anonymous said...

This is the fruits of paradise. Always attracts everything else there too as paradise is for all to enjoy. I guess.

I like the photo and the idea of a kind of Nature paradise. I guess we all have it where we live if we bother to look. Though there are places of sand dunes that would be hard for me to accept as a natural paradise.

Just to let you know. We did get a dozen oranges last week from our supermarket that came all the way from South Africa.

Now isn't that neat? You are really in the age of blogs and emails.

Lachezr said...

The text of your post is as beautiful as your photograph! Cheers shelagh!