Sunday, September 14, 2008


The tender we use to get us to Elegance is a bright yellow rubber duck with a 2hp outboard motor. With gale force winds we were yesterday temporarily marooned and had to return to the Club for our 10hp motor - but today, even this went on the blink and left Etienne fighting wind and weather with the 2hp and a single paddle...
Interestingly, he managed to avoid running aground on a lee shore with the malodorous fishing fleet, landing up instead at the jetty of a waterside restaurant, where he was tucking into a helping of prawns when friends rocked up in the small blue fishing boat wich they had commandeered, terming the whole operation an "emergency."
Spending the weekend on the lovely Elegance was worth all the mishaps as well as the thorough drenching we got in the rubber duck!

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lachezar said...

Quite an adventure indeed! That inflatable, however HP's you put on it it will still be like a toy in the sea! How brave of Etienne! Cheers to you both!