Sunday, August 24, 2008

Maiden voyage

We took the grand old lady of the sea out for the first time today. Friends increased the numbers somewhat, so we had plenty of eager and willing crew members - including Sally, almost at the cross-trees of our very tall mainmast. Elegance was built in 1934 and sails like an angel, but when we were getting close to home and tried to restart her newly fitted 50hp Caterpillar motor, with its complicated modern electronics, it suddenly got the sulks, and refused to function at all. We had to reach moorings, between dozens of large and expensive boats, under sail, when we hardly had got to know all 18 tons of her. But everyone on board and from the Club was really helpful and Etienne demonstrated the sailing skills developed in 30 years of varied boats and brought her neatly alongside the buoy. I've seldom seen him look so relieved. No wonder that the crew made for the pub afterwards and that most of them ordered double shots of rum!


magiceye said...

phew! must have been a very tense situation!

Barbara Rahal said...

auch...nice out there, but yeah i imagine a bit tense...glad you are all right out there!