Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gulls waiting for lunch

Lamberts Bay Harbour is popular with the gulls, who split their attention between the fishing boats and the potato chip factory on the harbour's edge, where they try and snatch a chip or two from the heavily laden trailers passing by. Kelp gulls, pulling rank on the quay edge, and the smaller Hartlaub's gulls hanging back a bit, but quicker on the potato chips.


Kim said...

I'm glad you took Lachezar's nudging to heart. (BTW Lachezar is much admired among CDPBloggers!) Welcome to the daily photoblog world. It's great to see these scenes of places in South Africa that I've only read about. What gorgeous country. I can imagine drive fast through there (like our western long stretches of highway, here).
I'm wishing you lots of fun as you continue your posts!
Seattle Daily Photo

simon kutcher said...

Hi Shelagh. Welcome to CDPB! i look forward to dropping in on you from time to time