Friday, June 6, 2008

Steppe Buzzard

As I drove up the road just outside Aurora, I realised I'd just passed a steppe buzzard demolishing a rabbit at the side of the road. Alarmed when I stopped, he flew up to the fence and stayed there, watching suspiciously till I left.

The house in the background belongs to a resident of Marseilles, who brings his children here when they have school holidays in July and August. It's known locally as "the Frenchman's house. He has two old Citroens parked behind the house, plumbed to deliver water to the house via their radiators and for years when he wanted hot water for a shower he would start the cars and get his sons to accelerate according to need. I think the petrol price has changed his mind these days.

1 comment:

lachezar said...

Well spotted! as you used to say to me years ago when introducing me to bird watching! Cheers!